the flavacoverse

the essentials series

the rebel

The most erotic and kinky flavor of Flava Co Cartel from yours truly, Scarlett. The taste of exotic strawberry that carries Venus’s legacy, combined with Pear, dubbed as the “gifts of the gods”, will remind you how sensual can a flavor be, in your throat.


The flavor of masculine – lychee x strawberry x lemonade – solely crafted by the specialist of Flavacoverse. Extraordinary sensation with every puff that keeps your mind sharp and invincible to bullshits.

the wise

Russel represents the wisdom of Flava Co Cartel Familia. His values are interpreted through the Blackcurrant as a symbol of Calm, and Pineapple as the symbol of Loyalty. The richness of Russel flavors devours your negative soul and shields you from melancholic situations and calms your inner peace.

eve -
the mage

The most playful yet deadly flavor from Flava Co Cartel. The complexity of Eve’s grape and bubblegum flavors flawlessly balances the tide * emotion of her magical powers. Be prepared to transcend into her limitless loop of extraordinary flavors.

the guardians series


Burst into the universe of mixing epic flavors of Mango and Banana, perfectly synced for the one who dare. Powered by expert brewer, the mystery flavors lie within the 5 layering of extreme detailing like no other.


The extreme sensation of Brooklyn’s pride and strengths are retold in his majestic flavor. The legendary Brooklyn is set to captivate your mind through a series of epic adventures of flavors every single time your inhale. Be prepared, to be reborn, again.


Surf along with the freshness of honeydew taste while reminiscing the majestic flavor of the sacred fruit since the time of Egyptians, right into your throat with the perfect blend of The Past and The Future.